How to order

The way to get our IPP7.4 device is very easy. Write your name, country, state, postal code, email and your full phone number in the form below. In return, you will get the information of the availability, date and time of the delivery with your order number.

Do not write the full street address, the courier will call you from our official number, and will ask you for your address (we protect your identity in this way).

Important condition:
For the moment we can deliver to only certain regions of the European Union and Australia.
Approximately 150 km from the point of our delivery offices for your Country/Region.
For eligibility see markers on the map on the bottom of the page.
For example Munich, Germany and in a radius of 150 km we can deliver.
This is because these are the areas where we can protect our device/intellectual property with the security companies we have a deal.
The customer must be the owner of the building in which the device will be installed for a minimum of one year.

Shipping is free because our company uses delivery vans, that use the same technology as our generator.

The conditions of the free trial:
30 days for free trial, if you are not satisfied and have been using it for 15 days, we will come and pick up the generator back for free.
If you use it for 16-30 days then you will pay for the return shipping a symbolic amount so we get compensated at least a little bit. Because there are a lot of mean people out there, and they can just start ordering for fun.
How to pay:
You can pay during or after the trial period ends, it will all state in the contract that you will receive.

To use the device the minimum room space should be: (l x w x h) 3m x 2m x 2m, dry and airy.
For more answers see F.A.Q. here

1. Indoor model-3800€+VAT
2. Outdoor model- 4100€+VAT

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