F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Well, this is always the first question. And no, there are no hidden cables, hidden holes in the floor, or hidden batteries. There is a 12V 6Ah battery installed, to start the device.
The machine is still in the test phase. Presentation of the device is only made for investors. Individual buyer's are not able to see the device momentarily. Possibility for seeing the device are only youtube videos for now.
No, the device stops on overload. You have to reduce the number of electricity consumers.
The device has a safety switch in case of an overload or short circuit. The device has a technical certificate that it is NOT harmful to humans and the environment. No radiation, nothing.
You can only buy it by ordering here www.innovatehno.eu/order ,by filling the order form. You will get all the necessary feedback information there.
No. You can't come to us, buy it and take it. That feature will be possible only through our future distributors.
Yes, just a little bit. 10% more of the current temperature. For example room temperature is 21°C+10% = 23°C
We give a warranty of 5 years.
When the 3-phase model will be ready, all the information will be on our website.